Toffee & Caramel

Name: Toffee & Caramel
Species: Gerbil
Sex: Female
Age: Born 04/06/2021

Toffee and Caramel were born in our care after their mother was surrendered to us pregnant. They are super fun girls and quite good at being handled considering they are only young!

The sisters will be ready for their new home from 30th July (mum will be reunited with her now neutered husband!).

Housing requirements: Minimum size tank 100cm l x 50cm w x 40cm h, ideally with a topper!

Please read our gerbil housing and care advice before applying to adopt.



Name: Winnie
Species: Syrian hamster
Sex: Female
Age: Unknown – guesstimate under 1 yr

Winnie came into our care having been kept in a tiny, barren cage with another female Syrian hamster. Thankfully, they hadn’t done each other any damage but were quickly separated since Syrian hamsters are strictly solitary and will fight to the death!

Winnie is very active and friendly, but fast to handle and wriggly. She won’t be suitable for handling by young children.

Winnie will be ready to leave from 16th July, but we are happy to consider adoption applications now.

Minimum housing requirement: 100x50cm with a 28cm wheel and plenty of safe substrate for burrowing.

Please read our hamster care advice pages prior to applying to adopt.


Peanut, Butter & Jelly

Name: Peanut, Butter & Jelly
Species: Degus
Sex: Female
Age: 3 years

Peanut, Butter & Jelly are a lovely, super inquisitive trio of degus who have been much loved and well cared for before coming into our care due to a change in their previous humans’ circumstances.

Like most degus they are not into being handled but are very curious and will take treats/food from your hand. Crocks are their favourite!

The girls will be ready for their new home from 16th July, but we are happy to take adoption applications now.

Minimum housing requirement: Liberta explorer size – please read our care and housing advice pages for more information:


Chestnut & Willow

Name: Chestnut & Willow
Species: Rabbit
Breed: Chestnut – lionhead cross; Willow – medium lop
Sex: Chestnut – male (neutered); Willow – female (neutered)
Age: Chestnut – 3.5yrs; Willow – 4 yrs
Status: Available for Adoption

Chestnut and Willow are a sweet, chilled out bonded pair looking for their forever home together. They came into our care quite overweight due to a poor diet and inadequate housing, but are now looking and feeling much better after a few months on a majority hay-based diet.

Chestnut is good to handle, while Willow prefers to keep all paws on the ground and is much happier being allowed to investigate humans on her own terms.

Housing requirements: Permanent 24/7 access to a minimum of 60 sq ft of bunny and predator proof space. Chestnut & Willow can live indoors or outdoors.



Name: Mallow
Species: Rabbit – medium mixed breed
Sex: Female (neutered)
Age: 5 years approx
Status: Available for bonding from 13th July

Mallow arrived in our care via another rescue and unfortunately we have little info on her background, although suspect she has lived most of her life so far hutched and alone.

Mallow has an old injury to her right eye, which has been checked by our exotics vet who confirmed that since it is not causing her any harm, it fortunately doesn’t need removing. The eyeball itself has receded and the cornea is scarred, so she likely has very limited or no vision through this eye, but this doesn’t cause her any problems. The eye can sometimes get a little gunky since the tear duct doesn’t function properly, but once she has a bonded rabbit partner they will hopefully be able to help her keep the eye clean.

Mallow isn’t a fan of being handled or stroked but is very food orientated so is likely to become more confident around humans with some time and hand feeding. She would probably best suit outdoor living as this is all she has ever known and would prefer space from humans.

Mallow is fully vaccinated against Myxomatosis, RVHD1&2, microchipped and was spayed on 1st June. She will be ready for bonding from 13th July. A neutered male bunny is likely to be the best match for her. A bonding service is included with adoption.

Housing requirements: 24/7 permanent access to a minimum of 60 sq ft of secure, predator and bunny-proof space. Please read our rabbit advice pages before applying to adopt.


Bilberry, Blackberry & Cranberry

Name: Bilberry, Blackberry & Cranberry
Species: Fancy mice
Sex: Male (neutered)
Age: 3-4 months old.

Bilberry, Blackberry & Cranberry are a trio of neutered male mice brothers who have been together since birth. We had them all neutered to allow them to carry on living together with a drastically reduced chance of any fighting/fall outs as they mature.

All 3 boys are quite speedy, but are curious and love their food so should become tamer over time with a patient adopter.

Minimum housing requirement: 80x50cm with plenty of enrichment, a 20cm wheel and safe substrate.



Name: Pumpkin
Species: Chinchilla
Sex: Female
Age: Unknown but guesstimate >3 years

After multiple failed bonding attempts, with both females and neutered males, we have sadly come to the conclusion that Pumpkin does not want same species company and so we are now looking for a home for her as a single chin.

We will only consider homes where Pumpkin will live in a liberta explorer sized cage as an absolute minimum, but ideally larger, such as something custom built or a chin proofed room – the royal veterinary college recommend a minimum enclosure size of 2m X 2m X 1m.

Ideal housing examples:

Pumpkin must also be provided with lots of human attention and daily free roam time when she is at her most active in the evenings.

Pumpkin enjoys a hay based diet, supplemented with forage (dried year round and fresh in the spring/summer when it’s available!) and a small amount of cold pressed hay based pellets.

She is not a huge fan of being handled and prefers to be allowed to explore you on her own terms. Humans are snack giving climbing frames to her!

If you can provide the time, attention and space our Pumpkin needs, please fill out our adoption questionnaire.