Name: Pearl
Breed/size: Lionhead cross (medium)
Sex: Female
Age: Approx 2 years
Status: Available for bonding from 29th Dec

Pearl was rather overweight when she arrived in our care, after being kept in a 1m long cage for possibly most of her life and not fed the correct diet. She is now slowly getting on board with a healthy hay-based diet after initially turning her nose up at everything we offered!

Pearl has been fully vaccinated against myxo, RHD1 & RHD2 and was spayed on 17th November. She will be available to bond with a neutered & vaccinated male once she is 6 weeks post-neuter, from 29th December.

Pearl is friendly and enjoys a head rub, and is likely to come out of her shell even more once she has a husbun to help her learn how to be a proper rabbit! Pearl will not be rehomed as a single bunny, so we are only looking for adopters who already have a single neutered & vaccinated bun looking for a friend.

Housing requirements: Pearl can live indoors or outdoors. Our minimum housing size requirement for a pair of rabbits is 60 square feet. Please see our rabbit advice pages for more information.



Name: Percy
Species: Syrian hamster
Sex: Male
Age: Approx 4 months
Status: Available for Adoption

Percy came into our care as the child he was bought for turned out to be allergic. He is a typical younger hammy and can be a little shy but isn’t bitey and is generally good with calm handling.

Housing requirements: 100x50cm minimum, with plenty of safe substrate for burrowing and a 28cm wheel.



Name: Rohat
Species: Syrian hamster
Sex: Male
Age: Approx 9 months

Rohat (sunrise in Kurdish) is a friendly, happy Syrian hamster who came into our care after his previous human couldn’t cope with his bar chewing behaviour. Unsurprisingly, this was caused by a too-small set-up!

Since being with us in a 100x50cm set-up, Rohat has been a happy young man, displaying normal hamster behaviours including burrowing, foraging, and stashing his food in his multi-chamber house. He also really enjoys running on his wheel, and is sometimes still powering away on it in the mornings.

Rohat is good to handle, but as with all hamsters, calm and considerate handling is required.

Minimum housing requirements: 100x50cm floor space on one level, plenty of suitable substrate for burrowing & a 28cm wheel.


Clove, Cinnamon, Nutmeg & Saffron

Name: Clove, Cinnamon, Nutmeg & Saffron
Species: Fancy mice
Sex: Female
Age: Approx 6-10 months
Status: Available for adoption (as a group)

Clove, Cinnamon, Nutmeg & Saffron are friendly, inquisitive and active mice. They are quite speedy but good to handle once you have hold of them.

Clove and Cinnamon are around 10 months old, and Nutmeg & Saffron are around 6 months. They all get on well together so we’d like to re-home them as a quad.

Housing requirements: 80x50cm minimum cage size, with plenty of enrichment and a 20cm upright wheel.


Larissa, Europa & Titania

Name: Larissa, Europa & Titantia
Species: Fancy mice
Sex: Female
Age: Approx 1 yr

Larissa, Europa & Titania came to us in May from a multi mouse household where breeding had got out of control. Luckily none of these girls had any more babies, but Europa and Larissa did need treating for respiratory infections, which took Europa a little while to get over. We’re pleased that she is now much better and the trio can now find their forever home together!

Larissa is the happiest with being picked up, but all are good to handle once you have hold of them. They love their wheels, climbing on ropes and building big nests!

Housing requirements: The girls are currently living in a 100x50cm Barney cage, so ideally we would like to rehome them to a set-up of this size. The absolute minimum we will accept is 80x50cm. They will need to be kept on dust-free paper or cardboard based bedding to prevent respiratory irritation.



Name: Chickpea
Species: Roborovski dwarf hamster
Sex: Female
Age: Unknown, suspect under 1 yr
Status: Available for adoption from 7th Nov

Chickpea is a typical super speedy robo hamster who is not really handleable as she is just so fast and quite timid of hands. She may of course improve over time, but she will need an adopter who is happy to enjoy her by watching her speedy antics rather than expecting to be able to stroke and cuddle her!

Housing requirements: Chickpea is a very dinky robo, so needs either a cage with narrow bar spacing (7mm) or a tank/tank style set-up. She will need at least 80x50cm of space on one level, plenty of safe substrate for burrowing in and a 20cm wheel.


Oak, Ash, Rowan & Juniper

Name: Oak, Ash, Rowan & Juniper
Species: Multimammates
Sex: Male
Age: Approx 6 months (Oak) and 3 months (Ash, Rowan & Juniper)
Status: Available for adoption

Oak and his sons Ash, Rowan and Juniper are typical super speedy multimammates who don’t enjoy being handled and can give a good nip if they feel the need to.

They are, however, very smart and agile and really fun to watch. Oak is the most confident of the group and has started coming to the cage door for food, so this will be the way to his heart! Hopefully, his sons will begin to follow his lead and grow in confidence as they get older.

The boys will need a confident rodent carer who understands and respects that they are much wilder than fancy mice and not easy to handle.

Minimum housing requirement: 100x50cm with a 28cm wheel.


Cherry & Maple

Name: Cherry & Maple
Species: Multimammates
Sex: Female
Age: Approx 6 months (Cherry) and 3 months (Maple)
Status: Available for adoption

Cherry & Maple arrived in our care still living with the males from Cherry’s litter, so they were both placed on pregnancy watch which they have now successfully completed with no further additions!

Like most multimammates, the girls are very speedy, not easy to handle and can give a good nip if they aren’t in the mood to be touched.

As multimammates and fancy mice cannot interbreed, these two girls could be introduced to a single male mouse needing company.

Cherry & Maple will need an adopter with rodent experience who doesn’t mind not being able to handle them.

Minimum set-up requirements: 80x50cm with a 28cm wheel.


Badger, Patch, Sandy & Spud

Name: Badger, Patch, Sandy & Spud
Species: Fancy rats
Sex: Male (not neutered)
Age: Guesstimate 1 yr +
Status: Available for Adoption!

Badger, Patch, Sandy & Spud are ready to find their forever home together!

They are of unknown age, but we suspect over 1 year, and are lovely cheeky boys who love their food! Badger, Patch & Sandy love human interaction whereas Spud is a bit more reserved, but they are all good to handle.

All were treated for respiratory infections upon arrival, and are all now doing well. Spud had a small sebaceous cyst on his shoulder which has now almost healed up but could recur in the future, although this wouldn’t usually require any intervention unless it was to grow much larger and bother him.

The 4 are really great friends so we won’t be separating them – they need a home together 🙂

Housing requirements: We are ideally looking for these boys to be housed in a Liberter Explorer/Savic Royal Suite sized cage to provide them with a decent amount of both floor space and climbing space.


Nix, Callisto, Puck & Atlas

Name: Nix, Callisto, Puck & Atlas
Species: Fancy mice
Sex: Male (neutered)
Age: Approx 6 months
Status: Available for adoption (as a group)

More meece boys! These 4 have been together since birth and are still very good friends so we would like them to stay as a group. They have all been neutered to reduce the chances of any falling out and to allow easy introductions to new friends should any of them end up alone at any stage of their lives.

The 3 fuzzy boys, Nix, Callisto and Atlas have had URIs and will possibly be prone to flare ups in the future (as is quite common in mice), while Puck never seems to be affected. They seem to do best on cardboard bedding (e.g. bedkind or Fitch) which we find to be the least dusty, so would need to be kept on this in their new home.

Puck is the shyest, speediest of the boys while Nix, Callisto and Atlas are easier to handle.

Housing requirements: The boys currently live happily together in an Alaska cage so would like to be rehomed to live in something this size or bigger.

Adoption fee: Minimum £50 donation for the group (the boys cost us £200 in total to neuter)