Name: Percy
Species: Syrian hamster
Sex: Male
Age: Approx 4 months
Status: Available for Adoption

Percy came into our care as the child he was bought for turned out to be allergic. He is a typical younger hammy and can be a little shy but isn’t bitey and is generally good with calm handling.

Housing requirements: 100x50cm minimum, with plenty of safe substrate for burrowing and a 28cm wheel.



Name: Rohat
Species: Syrian hamster
Sex: Male
Age: Approx 9 months

Rohat (sunrise in Kurdish) is a friendly, happy Syrian hamster who came into our care after his previous human couldn’t cope with his bar chewing behaviour. Unsurprisingly, this was caused by a too-small set-up!

Since being with us in a 100x50cm set-up, Rohat has been a happy young man, displaying normal hamster behaviours including burrowing, foraging, and stashing his food in his multi-chamber house. He also really enjoys running on his wheel, and is sometimes still powering away on it in the mornings.

Rohat is good to handle, but as with all hamsters, calm and considerate handling is required.

Minimum housing requirements: 100x50cm floor space on one level, plenty of suitable substrate for burrowing & a 28cm wheel.



Name: Chickpea
Species: Roborovski dwarf hamster
Sex: Female
Age: Unknown, suspect under 1 yr
Status: Available for adoption from 7th Nov

Chickpea is a typical super speedy robo hamster who is not really handleable as she is just so fast and quite timid of hands. She may of course improve over time, but she will need an adopter who is happy to enjoy her by watching her speedy antics rather than expecting to be able to stroke and cuddle her!

Housing requirements: Chickpea is a very dinky robo, so needs either a cage with narrow bar spacing (7mm) or a tank/tank style set-up. She will need at least 80x50cm of space on one level, plenty of safe substrate for burrowing in and a 20cm wheel.