Mice need plenty of space and things to do, and are really intelligent and fun to watch! Cage size requirements will depend upon the size of the group you are interested in adopting, but as a guide for a pair/trio of mice would need a minimum cage size of 80x50cm with narrow bar spacing. Bigger than the minimum is always better if you have the space!

Prior to adoption we will carry out a set-up check, usually via email, to ensure the housing requirements for the animal you wish to adopt will be met.

Mice adopted from us must not be bred from under any circumstances.

Our adoption fee for mice is a £10 minimum donation to help cover the costs of caring for the animals at Tiny Paws MCR.

Peter Pan & Timothy Q. Mouse – Male Mice – Available for adoption!

Peter (approx 10 months old – orange & white), and Timothy Q. Mouse (born in rescue 30/05/19 – light brown & white) are a father and son pair looking for their forever home together.

Both are a little shy when being picked up, but are happy to sit in your hand once scooped up. They love climbing, running through tubes and foraging for mealworms!

These lovely boys will need a minimum cage (or tank) size of 80x50cm unbroken space, with lots of things to explore and play with, a suitably sized wheel (minimum 8 inches/20cm), and safe substrate & nesting material.

Proof of set-up and adoption fee (minimum £10 donation for the pair) will apply.

If you are interested in adopting these lovely mice please drop us an email at tinypawsmcr@gmail.com