Adoption Policy

Rabbits are highly social animals, so in the majority of cases rabbits will not be rehomed to live alone. Where (on rare occasions) it is in the best interests of a rabbit to live singly, they must live as a house rabbit as part of the family. Where a rabbit is being adopted to join an existing bunny, we will ask you to bring your bun to the rescue to meet the rabbit you wish to adopt to see how they get along. We provide a full bonding service for rabbits being adopted from us for adopters who are not confident with the bonding process. Support and advice after taking your rabbits home will always be available, with full rescue back-up provided should any bonds fail.
Rabbits adopted from us will be neutered and fully vaccinated against Myxomatosis, RHD1 and RHD2.

An average sized pair of rabbits will need permanent access to a minimum of 60 square feet of space. Space for indoor bunnies must be rabbit-proofed, and outdoor enclosures must be predator-proofed, both of which we can advise on if needed. An informal home-check will be carried out prior to adoption, to check your set-up is suitable for the particular animal(s) you wish to adopt. This is also a chance for you to ask us any questions!


The majority of a rabbit’s diet must be hay (85%), to promote digestive and dental health, so a supply of good quality hay should always be available. 10% of a rabbits diet should be made up of fresh leafy greens, vegetables and herbs. A list of safe fresh foods is available via the Rabbit Welfare Association & Fund. Muesli style dried food should not be fed, instead we recommend hay based pellets to avoid selective eating – bunnies should be fed 1 eggcup of pellets twice a day (making up the remaining 5% of their diet).

Adoption Fees
Our adoption fee for a single rabbit is £40, and for a bonded pair £70, to help cover the costs of caring for the animals at Tiny Paws MCR. This does not cover neutering costs, so if you are able to donate more we would really appreciate it.
Adopters must be age 18+.