Tiny Paws MCR is a home-based, vegan-run, small animal rescue set up in early 2019. We rescue rodents and rabbits in the Manchester area, and find them fabulous forever homes with loving humans. We are a registered charity, no. 1186507.

Our focus is on the well-being of each individual animal, giving all in our care spacious set-ups, healthy diets, stimulating enrichment, and small animal-savvy vet care when needed. To allow us to run to high welfare standards, we will only take in a fairly limited number of animals at a time and operate a waiting list system, prioritised based on each animal’s situation.

The rescue is located in our home in Sale, South Manchester. Visits are by appointment only.

The Humans!

The rescue is run by myself (Suzi) with assistance from my partner (Bod) from our home in Sale, South Manchester. I was encouraged by the support of trustee Niccy to start up the rescue in early 2019. I hold a BSc (Hons) in Zoology from the University of Liverpool, and a MSc in Conservation Biology with Ornithology from Manchester Metropolitan University.
I am particularly passionate about ensuring rodents and rabbits in captivity are cared for in a way that meets their need to carry out natural behaviours, and hope the rescue will help to educate the public on improving the welfare of their small animals.

Bod is our resident rat man and gets to do all the fun jobs such as holding animals while I medicate them, trim their nails, and other things they all end up disliking me for! He is basically the fun dad. He also holds a BSc (Hons) in Environmental Biology and is a keen amateur botanist – this comes in really handy when we go foraging for plants for the animals to eat!

Niccy is our fundraising expert, and lives with 3 mice, 4 multimammates & 2 goldfish! She also has a strong background in animal rights, welfare and behaviour, holding a BSc in Animal Welfare & Management, and has worked in fundraising/campaigns for animal welfare organisations for a number of years.

We are all volunteers (we take no wage from the rescue funds) and run the rescue alongside our full-time day jobs.