Below are the gerbils currently in our care. Please contact us at if you are interested in adopting!

Gerbils love to dig! They therefore need a set-up with at least 8 inches of safe substrate (i.e. no sawdust/woodshavings) to allow them to burrow and make epic tunnels. Sadly most ‘gerbilariums’ sold in pet stores are not large enough to accommodate gerbils happily. A pair of gerbils will typically require a 3 ft tank minimum, but bigger is always better! Plastic items should be avoided in their set-up as they are chewers – wood and cardboard toys are best.

Gerbils adopted from us must not be bred from under any circumstances.

Adopters must be aged 18+. The adoption fee for a pair of gerbils is a minimum £15 donation, which goes directly towards the costs of running the rescue.

Sooty & Sweep – Available for Adoption!

Sooty & Sweep are a pair of female gerbils, who we estimate to be around 6 months old. They get on well together, and like all gerbils, absolutely love digging tunnels in deep substrate, so they will need a spacious tank set-up (ideally a 3ft tank or bigger) to keep them occupied. They are a little shy of humans, but can be handled by confident adults, and are not at all nippy. Drop us an email if you are interested in adopting some little construction experts!