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Thank you for your interest in adopting a gerbil! Below are our gerbil adoption policy and the gerbils currently in our care.

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Gerbils Looking for Homes

  • Smudge & Inky

    Name: Smudge (left) & Inky (right)
    Species: Gerbils
    Sex: Male
    Age: Approx 1 year
    Status: Available for adoption

    Smudge & Inky are an active and fairly confident pair of gerbil boys who are looking for a spacious and fun home together.

    Inky is happy to be scooped up, while Smudge is less keen on being handled and can test nip (not a hard bite). The boys love digging and destroying anything cardboard!

    Minimum housing requirements: Tank of at least 100cm l x 50cm w x 40cm h with plenty of deep substrate for digging in and lots of enrichment.

    Adoption fee: Minimum £25 donation for the pair