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Thank you for thinking of adopting a small animal! There are many rodents and rabbits in rescue in the UK, so we firmly believe in the motto ‘Adopt Don’t Shop’. Giving a rescue animal their forever home is a really rewarding thing to do.

Many of the animals who come to us have had a difficult start to their lives, often experiencing neglect, and in some cases have already lived in multiple different homes. As such we work hard to ensure they find forever homes where they will find stability and respect as much loved members of the family.

Our adoption process involves the potential adopter completing our adoption questionnaire, followed by a set-up/home check (usually done online via photos/videos, outdoor rabbit/guinea pig setups will always require an in-person check).

We expect all potential adopters to have done plenty of research and be ready to adopt with a suitable setup in place prior to applying. Applications cannot be considered without proof of setup.

Please ensure you have carefully read our care advice pages for the species you are interested in, prior to applying to adopt!

- All animals are quarantined/monitored for health and behavioural issues a minimum of 2 weeks following admission into the care of our rescue prior to being available for adoption
- Adopters must be aged 18 or over (we are happy for minors to be involved in the care of animals adopter from us, but an adult must make the adoption application, and sign our adoption agreement to take full overall responsibility for the animals care)
- The animal(s) must be provided with suitably sized and secure housing, appropriate food, water, bedding, enrichment and exercise outside of the cage (specifics for each animal will be discussed with adopters and a set-up check will always be carried out prior to adoption).
- If required by the species being adopted, the animal(s) must have appropriate same species company at all times. Where two or more animals are being adopted together, should any fall-outs occur the adopter must contact Tiny Paws MCR in the first instance for support and advice.
- In the case of animal illness, the adopter must take the animal(s) to a veterinarian with species-specific experience. If in doubt, please contact Tiny Paws MCR for recommendations.
- Rabbits must be vaccinated annually against Myxomatosis, VHD1 and VHD2. We also recommend a yearly health check with a vet for all other animals.
- The animal(s) must not be passed into the care of another (excluding boarding etc during holidays), and must not be destroyed for any reason. Only if the animal’s quality of life is at risk due to severe illness may they be euthanised humanely, by a vet.
- Under no circumstances must the animal(s) be allowed to breed.
- Should the adopter’s circumstances change so that any of the above requirements cannot be met, or the adopter no longer wishes to care for the animal(s) they must contact Tiny Paws MCR in order for the animal(s) to be returned to the care of the rescue.
- A representative of Tiny Paws MCR must be allowed to visit the animal(s) in their new home if required, and to permit the representative to remove the animal(s) from the care of the adopter at any time if it is believed to be in the best interest of the animals, or the above requirements are not adhered to.

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