Guinea Pigs

Thank you for your interest in adopting a guinea pig! Below you will find our adoption policy and the piggies we currently have in our care who are looking for new homes. If you are interested in adopting a guinea pig or pigs, please contact us via email so we can provide you with our adoption questionnaire.

We monitor all new piggies for a minimum of 2 weeks to check for health issues and to assess what kind of home they will be best suited to. If you are interested in a guinea pig who is not yet available for adoption, we would still love to hear from you, so please do get in touch.

Dandelion & Burdock – Available for adoption

Dandelion (tricolour) & Burdock (black & white) are approx 10 month old male guinea pigs, looking for their forever home together.

They are both very skittish and will run away when human hands come near, but are growing in confidence and are always ready at their food bowls at feeding time. With patience and suitable treats, they should become less shy over time. Due to how timid they are, they are only suitable for adult adopters.

They will require a minimum enclosure size of 6ftx2ft, ideally indoors (or in an insulated shed/unused garage). We highly recommend indoor C&C set-ups for piggies.

Bumble – Available for Adoption

Bumble is an 18 month old neutered male guinea pig, looking for a forever home with a sow(s) for company. Bumble is a happy, healthy pig and is easy to handle. He loves to flatten himself out like a pancake when being stroked! He was neutered in May (while under his previous owner’s care), so to be sure he will be infertile, we need to wait until 12th July before he can be introduced to any female pigs, however he can be reserved now. Potential adopters would ideally need to bring their sow(s) to meet with Bumble for supervised introductions on neutral territory.