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Guinea Pigs

Thank you for your interest in adopting a guinea pig! Below you will find our adoption policy and the piggies we currently have in our care who are looking for new homes.

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Guinea pigs are highly social animals, so we will never allow a single guinea pig to be adopted to live alone. Where a guinea pig is being adopted to join an existing pig, we can either carry out the bonding process for you, or you can bond yourself on our home bonding agreement, whereby the adopted pig comes back to us should the bond not work out. Support and advice after taking your pigs home will always be available, with full rescue back-up provided should any bonds fail.
Guinea pigs adopted from us must not be bred from in any circumstances.

Guinea pigs need lots of space on one level to zoom around and popcorn. Sufficient space also helps reduce fall-outs, particularly with boar pairs. We have recently increased our minimum housing size for a pair of pigs to 20 square feet (2m square). Some piggies may have different needs, and these will be listed in each pig's description below. Guinea pigs will only be homed to outdoor setups where these are inside an insulated shed/outhouse/garage (not shared with a car). We will always carry out a set-up check prior to adoption either online or in-person.


The majority of a guinea pig's diet must be hay, so a supply of good quality hay should always be available. Muesli style dried food should not be fed, instead we recommend hay based pellets to avoid selective eating. Piggies should also be fed around 1 cup of fresh forage/herbs/greens per day, and must always have access to fresh drinking water.

Adoption Fees
Our adoption fee for a single guinea pig is a minimum £30 donation (£40 for a neutered male) to help cover the costs of caring for the animals at Tiny Paws MCR. Discounts for pairs/groups may be given at our discretion.

Adopters must be age 18+.