Name: Theo
Species: Chinchilla
Sex: Male (neutered)
Age: 5 years

Theo is a lovely neutered boy looking for a home where he can bond with another chinchilla. He is a typical chin, not a fan of handling but loves to ping around and use humans as a launch pad.

Our housing requirements for a pair of chinchillas is a liberta explorer sized cage as an absolute minimum, but ideally larger, such as something custom built or a chin proofed room – the royal veterinary college recommend a minimum enclosure size of 2m X 2m X 1m.

Ideal housing examples:



Name: Pumpkin
Species: Chinchilla
Sex: Female
Age: Unknown but guesstimate >3 years

After multiple failed bonding attempts, with both females and neutered males, we have sadly come to the conclusion that Pumpkin does not want same species company and so we are now looking for a home for her as a single chin.

We will only consider homes where Pumpkin will live in a liberta explorer sized cage as an absolute minimum, but ideally larger, such as something custom built or a chin proofed room – the royal veterinary college recommend a minimum enclosure size of 2m X 2m X 1m.

Ideal housing examples:

Pumpkin must also be provided with lots of human attention and daily free roam time when she is at her most active in the evenings.

Pumpkin enjoys a hay based diet, supplemented with forage (dried year round and fresh in the spring/summer when it’s available!) and a small amount of cold pressed hay based pellets.

She is not a huge fan of being handled and prefers to be allowed to explore you on her own terms. Humans are snack giving climbing frames to her!

If you can provide the time, attention and space our Pumpkin needs, please fill out our adoption questionnaire.


Mulberry, Snowberry, Currant, Blueberry & Raspberry

Name: Mulberry, Snowberry, Currant, Blueberry & Raspberry
Species: Fancy mice
Sex: Female
Age: Guesstimate 3-6 months
Status: Available for Adoption

These girls came to us from a large case where someone started out with 2 mis-sexed mice and ended up with 160!

All of these ladies have now passed their pregnancy watch with no more babies so are ready to be adopted. On arrival they were quite sneezy and snuffly but thankfully this cleared up after a course of antibiotics. They can be adopted as a group of 5 or in a trio and a pair (to join other mice).

Housing requirements: Minimum 100x50cm for the group of 5 with plenty of enrichment, hideys, climbing ropes, and a min 20cm wheel.

Please read our mouse housing and care advice prior to applying to adopt!


Sesame & Barley | Buckwheat | Hemp | Oat

Name: Sesame & Barley | Buckwheat | Hemp | Oat
Species: Fancy mice
Sex: Male (neutered)
Age: born 9th Feb 2021.
Status: Available to bond with female mice from 11th May

Sesame, Barley, Buckwheat, Hemp and Oat have all recently been neutered and we would like to have homes lined up for them for when they are healed up and ready to meet other mouse friends in a few weeks time.

Sesame (semi hairless) and Barley (white) are currently still living together happily so will be rehomed together but would ideally like to join some female mice for extra company. The other boys are all currently single but will not be rehomed to live alone and will need to join 2 or more female mice.

All of the boys are handleable but still speedy and will need some work on their confidence with humans in their new homes.



Name: Chip
Species: Rabbit
Breed: Netherland dwarf cross
Sex: Male
Age: Approx 1 yr (DOB April 2020)

Chip is an absolutely adorable, friendly, active and cheeky chappy. He is interested in everything and especially loves to chew!

Chip has been fully vaccinated against myxomatosis, RVHD1 and RHVD2, microchipped and neutered (11/03/21). He will be ready to bond with a fully vaccinated and neutered female bun from 22/04/21. We provide a full bonding service at our home-based rescue where the adopters existing rabbit comes to stay with us so we can supervise the bonding process. Adopters will need to live within 1 hours drive of our location in Sale (M33 postcode).

Housing requirements: Permanent 24/7 access to a minimum 60sq ft space for a pair of buns. Chip is used to living outdoors, but can live indoors or outdoors in his new home. If being housed indoors, adopters will need to keep in mind that Chip is a chewer and has been quite destructive in his shed set-up at the rescue. Please check our housing advice pages prior to applying to ensure you can meet our requirements:


Cherry, Maple, Flora, Fauna, Maleficent & Merryweather

Name: Cherry, Maple, Flora, Fauna, Maleficent & Merryweather
Species: Multimammates
Sex: Female
Age: Cherry – approx 9 months, Maple – approx 6 months, Flora/Fauna/Maleficent/Merryweather – approx 1 year
Status: Available for adoption

These 6 ladies are typical super speedy multimammates who don’t really enjoy being handled and can give a good nip if they feel the need to. Flora, Fauna, Maleficient & Merryweather are the most confident of the bunch and will sometimes allow us to pick them up and have a little stroke.

They are, however, very smart and agile and really fun to watch.

The girls will need a confident rodent carer who understands and respects that they are much wilder than fancy mice and not easy to handle. They can be adopted as a group of 6, or in trios, and could join a single male fancy mouse for company (they cannot interbreed).

Minimum housing requirement: 100x50cm with a 28cm wheel.

*PLEASE NOTE we are currently only able to consider homes within 1 hour’s drive of our location in Sale, M33, due to lockdown restrictions*