Renn & Maus

Species: Mongolian gerbils
Sex: Female (Renn) & Neutered male (Maus)
Age: Approx 2 yrs
Status: Available for Adoption
Adoption fee: Minimum £20 donation

Renn and Maus arrived in our care having previously been housed together, which unsurprisingly led to Renn giving birth in our care. We had Maus castrated so that we could reintroduce him to Renn once she had finished raising her babies (who have since found their forever home).

Renn and Maus were quite tricky to re-bond and this did take some time, but they are now firm friends again and are looking forward to finding their forever home together in a nice spacious tank.

They are typical gerbils in that burrowing, digging and destroying anything chewable are their main life goals, but they are also quite confident and friendly, and good to handle (Renn especially so!).

Because they were quite slow to bond, we are looking for an adopter with gerbil (or other social rodent) experience for them who can monitor their behaviour carefully when settling in to their new home.

Minimum housing requirements: 100cm long x 50cm wide x 40cm high tank/tank style setup.