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Vaccinate a Rescue Rabbit


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All rabbits need vaccinating against Myxomatosis, RVHD1 & RVHD2. Almost every single rabbit who comes into our care has not been vaccinated, or is not up to date with their vaccines, so we have this done at the vets asap. A triple vaccination covering these 3 diseases costs us just over £60 per rabbit.

By donating £60, you could cover the cost of vaccinating a rescue rabbit, protecting them from deadly diseases and helping them on their journey to their forever home!

When you buy this item we’ll send you a digital certificate of appreciation! Perfect as a gift for an animal lover – if you’re making this donation as a gift for someone else, let us know their name at checkout and we’ll put it on the certificate.

*PLEASE NOTE – Your address is required for billing purposes only. A digital certificate of appreciation will be emailed to you, which you can print or forward if buying as a gift. Your payment of £60 could cover the cost of a vaccination, but funds may be used where most needed*