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Neuter a Rescue Rabbit or Rodent


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Neutering is important for many of the species we rescue for both health and welfare reasons – we neuter all rabbits, both males and females, all male mice and guinea pigs, and regularly neuter male gerbils, rats, degus and chinchillas to help with bonding.

The cost of neutering ranges from £100-150 depending on the species, so adoption fees never cover these costs! By covering the cost of a neuter, you are helping a social animal to live a happy, healthy life with companions of their own species.

When you buy a neuter for a rescue rabbit or rodent via our online shop we’ll send you a digital certificate of appreciation! Perfect as a gift for an animal lover – if you’re making this donation as a gift for someone else, let us know their name at checkout and we’ll put it on the certificate.

*PLEASE NOTE – Neuters will be arranged and paid for by ourselves using funds generated from the sale of this digital item. Your address is required for billing purposes only. A digital certificate of appreciation will be emailed to you, which you can print or forward if buying as a gift. Please allow 2 working days for us to produce & email your certificate!*