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Could you spare some time to do a sponsored challenge, sell something or run a bake sale to raise funds to help the animals in our care? We are always in need of supporters to fundraise for us!

Sponsored challenges

Using a site like JustGiving is an easy way of raising funds for us while doing some form of sponsored challenge – just visit and click on the Fundraise for Us button to set up your fundraiser! JustGiving will handle all the donations and send them over to us, so you can focus on your challenge.

Here are some ideas:

  • Running – set yourself a goal or sign up to an organised run
  • Walking – could you walk a certain number of km in a month, or hike a specific route/mountain?
  • Swimming
  • Skydive!
  • Shave your head
  • Give up something fun for a month
  • Reading – how many books can you read in a month?
  • Sponsored silence – good for kids!

Sell something

Ebay makes it simple to sell items for charities – why not select us as your chosen charity to receive a percentage or all of the sale? Visit for more information

Or sell outside of Ebay and just send us over a donation from the proceeds!

Run a bake sale at work or school

Please try to make it vegan if you can!