Name: Willow
Species: Rabbit
Sex: Female (neutered)
Age: Approx 4.5 years

Willow came into our care as part of a trio in March 2021. All 3 rabbits were in a bit of a poor state, overweight with overgrown nails. Sadly, Willow’s friends Aspen and Chestnut passed away in our care. Aspen had untreatable kidney failure and unfortunately had to be put to sleep in the summer, and Chestnut passed away suddenly in early November (post mortem investigations showed changes to Chestnut’s heart as the probable cause of death and liver samples also tested negative for VHD1 & 2).

Willow now needs a new rabbity friend and a home with plenty of space to explore. She is not that fussed about humans and much prefers rabbit company. She is currently living outdoors and would be very happy to continue doing so, but equally would probably be happy indoors if in a bunny room where she can have plenty of her own space away from humans.

Minimum housing requirement: 24/7 access to an enclosure with at least 60 sq ft (2m x 3m) of secure, predator proof and bunny proof space.

Please do not apply if you cannot meet these minimum standards.