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Wilf & Darcy

Name: Wilf (brown & white) & Darcy (ginger & white)
Breed: Double-maned lionheads
Age: Born September 2022
Sex: Wilf – neutered male, Darcy neutered female

Meet Wilf and Darcy – Fabulous floofs!

We’d like to introduce you to Wilf and Darcy, an inseparable bonded brother and sister pair of Lionhead rabbits.

About Wilf and Darcy: Wilf is the brother of the duo and the first to investigate new toys and play areas and will keep you on your toes with his lively spirit.

Darcy is the sister, she can be a little shy of new people at first but loves exploring and snuggling with her brother.

Both buns are neutered and fully vaccinated.

Playful and Curious: Wilf and Darcy have wonderful playful and curious natures. These bunnies love to explore, hop around, and engage in bunny antics that will bring a smile to your face. They’ll keep you entertained with their joyful frolics and inquisitive behavior.

Fluff-tastic Grooming: With their long and thick double maned Lionhead coats, Wilf and Darcy are extremely adorable but this does come with an additional level of commitment. Regular grooming is essential to keep them comfortable and prevent matting. We also recommend clipping the fur around their faces and bums on a regular basis.

Minimum housing requirements: Wilf and Darcy are looking for a loving and responsible adopter who can provide them with a secure, sheltered, and predator-proof enclosure of at least 3m x 2m (or 60 sq ft). These little explorers love to hop and play, so a spacious and safe environment is a must to keep them happy and healthy.