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Vinnie Vermicelli, Benny Bucatini, Reggie Ravioli & Paulie Pappardelle

Name: Vinnie Vermicelli, Benny Bucatini, Reggie Ravioli & Paulie Pappardelle
Species: Mice
Sex: Male (neutered)
Age: Guesstimate DOB Aug 2023
Status: Available for adoption

This quad of handsome chaps came into our care as part of a large case of mice from one household. We unfortunately don’t have a lot of background info on them but have guesstimated their age at 4-6 months.

The boys get along really well together, and should remain in a stable group as we have had them all neutered. We’re therefore looking for them to be adopted as a group!

Neutering male mice allows them to live socially with other neutered males, or with females, as it reduces hormornal/territorial behaviour and of course makes them infertile. It also makes boys much less stinky – no worse than females!

They’re very happy little chaps with great personalities. They can usually be found snuggled up together in a cosy hammock. They can be quite speedy to catch but will happily sit in a hand once scooped up.

Minimum housing requirement: 100x50cm or larger, with plenty of enrichment to keep them busy.

Adoption fee: Each mouse cost our charity approx £120 to neuter (£480 total!). We therefore ask for a minimum adoption donation of £50 for the quad – passing on a saving of £430 to the adopter!