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Spring, Summer & Winter

Name: Spring, Summer & Winter
Species: Fancy rats
Sex: Female
DOB: Approx August 2022

Spring, Summer & Winter came into our care due to their previous human’s ill health. Each of the girls have had tumours removed while in our care, and have now healed up and are ready to find their forever home.

Spring (left) is the most nervy of the bunch. While she is super inquisitive and will come to the cage door to take food from your hand, she does not enjoy being touched/handled and can bite out of fear if grabbed. To move her out of her cage we allow her to climb into a hammock or sputnik then move her in this. She is then not too bad at being picked up out of a carrier for a health check.

Summer (middle) is super nosey like Spring, but will also zoom away from being picked up. She is a little more confident than Spring and a bit more relaxed about being handled.

Winter (right) is generally quite chilled, however, her eyesight isn’t great so she will bite hands moving near to her face while in the cage. She is fine with being picked up if you avoid hands near her head, and then seems to enjoy a cuddle.

We were informed that all the girls were around 18 months old on arrival, but we suspect Spring & Summer may be a little younger.

Aside from having had a tumour each (subsequently removed), and Winter occassionally waking up with a bit of porphyrin staining on her nose, they are in good health.

The girls could potentially join existing female or neutered male rats. We are looking for an adopter who is confident with nervous and bitey ratties.

Minimum housing requirements: 3-4 rats = 100cm w x 54cm depth (or 5400cm square footprint) x 64cm height (i.e. Coco Large, Mamble 100)

5+ rats = 100cm w x 54cm depth (or 5400cm square footprint) x 120cm height (Liberta Explorer, Savic Royal Suite 95, Little Zoo Venturer etc)

Adoption fee: Minimum £35 donation for the trio