Sesame & Barley

Name: Sesame & Barley
Species: Fancy mice
Sex: Male (neutered)
Age: born 9th Feb 2021.

Sesame & Barley are a pair of neutered male mice brothers who have been together since birth. We had them both neutered to allow them to carry on living together with a drastically reduced chance of any fighting/fall outs as they mature.

Sesame is almost hairless, with just a fine covering of white fuzz, and Barley is the lovely white furred boy. Sesame is the more confident of the two but both will need a patient adopter who is happy to work on their taming.

Mice do best in groups, so ideally these boys would like to join one or more mice (we could try bonding them with some of the other groups we have here if you are interested in them but don’t already have mice).

Our minimum housing requirement for up to 4 mice is 80x50cm. Bigger groups will need a larger setup.