Syrian Hamster Mix (500g)

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Our very own Syrian hamster food, mixed by ourselves, is designed to suit the specific needs of Syrian hamsters, providing them with a range of cereals, grains, seeds, veg, flowers, leaves and insect protein similar to the diet they would consume in the wild. All profits from the sale of this food mix go towards our rescue’s running costs!

Feeding recommendation: 1 tbsp per day, scattered across your hamster’s bedding.

Always provide fresh water, and supplement your hamsters diet with small amounts of fresh veg.

This mix is not fortified like a commercial food mix, so you may wish to provide a pellet (such as Science Selective) alongside.


Oat groats, paddy rice, buckwheat, mixed millet, mixed grass seed, whole barley, whole maize, hemp seed, linseed, milk thistle seed, aniseed, caraway seed, celery seed, rapeseed, fennel seed, chicory seed, dill seed, carrot, mixed bell pepper, beetroot, mealworms, gammarus, daphnia, nettle leaf, dandelion leaf, raspberry leaf, marigold flower, hibiscus flower, rose flower, cornflower, mallow flower.

Approx nutritional analysis:

Protein 15%, Fibre 11%, Fat 9%.

Shipping info:

Orders are shipped via Hermes on Mondays and Thursdays. Orders made by 5pm on Sunday will be shipped Monday, and orders by 5pm Wednesday will be shipped Thursday.

Feed hygiene registered: GB431 R6 004

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8 reviews for Syrian Hamster Mix (500g)

  1. Gillian H. (verified owner)

    We adopted a hamster from Tiny Paws and we bought this food for him. He seems to really enjoy it. It’s full of seeds and dried leaves etc. I understand this is a much better mix than most of the muesli type hamster food sold in pet shops. If I was a hamster I think I would prefer this natural food!

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    Image #1 from Gillian H.
  2. Helen D. (verified owner)

    Quick and easy to order and was ready when collected also love the advice on website thanks!

  3. Gwen

    I ordered this a fee weeks ago for my dwarf hamster and she seems to love it. She doesnt leave half of the food qnd pick bits out like she did with her shop bought brand. Good value for money.

  4. joanna s. (verified owner)

    My hamsters libes the food mixes, they tuck straight in! Nice to see such varied ingredients in the mixes.

  5. Anna Haworth (verified owner)

    My Syrian seems to like this food alot better than the shop bought. It looks and smells so natural and i can tell its packed full of natural goodness with nothing added. The only thing I would say is I wonder if he can find it all as it is quite fine, but this dosnt necessarily matter as long as he loves it.

  6. Sabina (verified owner)

    Great hamster food, Rich and natural 🐹

  7. Katy Collins (verified owner)

    Great food, has everything your hamster needs and doesn’t contain unsuitable things like most pet shops do.

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    Image #1 from Katy Collins
  8. Simone Hathaway (verified owner)

    Really lovely natural food, I feed this along side science select hamster nuggets. I sprinkle the mixture around Hams cage and he loves to forage for it!

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