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Ollie Orzo, Perry Penne & Frankie Fusilli

Name: Ollie Orzo, Perry Penne & Frankie Fusilli
Species: Mice
Sex: Male (neutered)
Age: Approx DOB Aug 2023
Status: Available for adoption

This trio of handsome chaps came into our care as part of a large case of mice from one household. We unfortunately don’t have a lot of background info on them but have guesstimated their age at no older than 6 months.

We have had all of the boys neutered to allow them to live socially, however the vets could only locate one fully formed testicle in one of the boys and a small amount of testicular tissue on the other side, so just in case there is anything left in there this trio won’t be able to live with female mice. They will need to remain in their trio, but could join other neutered males.

The boys are currently quite shy, but should come around in time with a patient adopter. They’d be best suited to an adult only home.

Minimum housing requirement: 100x50cm or larger, with plenty of enrichment to keep them busy. The boys are currently being fostered in a detolf enclosure.

Adoption fee: Each mouse cost our charity £120 to neuter (£360 total!). We therefore ask for a minimum adoption donation of £50 for the trio.