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Name: Meadow
Breed: Small mixed breed
Age: Unknown, guesstimate 1 yr
Sex: Female (spayed)
Health: Chronic snuffles rabbit, positive for bordetella

Meadow is a super sweet, friendly and happy rabbit who came into our care from a hoarding situation.

She arrived sneezing and with nasal discharge, and after xrays and a nasal swab at the vets she was diagnosed with chronic rhinitus, chronic sinusitis and her nasal swab cultured positive for the bacteria bordetella.

Meadow has had 2 courses of antibiotics and is now less sneezy, however her xrays revealed chronic changes to her nasal passages meaning she will constantly be snuffly and sneezy. As she has had bordetella she is looking for a home where she can join another snuffles rabbit who has tested positive for the same bacteria.

We are happy to help with bonding to ensure a suitable match.

Minimum housing requirements: Permanent 24/7 access to an enclosure of at least 3m x 2m (or 60 sq ft). Enclosure must be secure and fully predator proof.