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Hugh Fearnley-Rattingstall & Ainsley Harrirat

Name: Hugh Fearnley-Rattingstall & Ainsley Harrirat
Species: Half-wild rats
Sex: Male
Age: Born 11th March 2024
Status: Available for adoption

Hugh & Ainsley were born in our care on 11th March 2024 after we took in their mum, a stray who had been found hiding out in someone’s kitchen. She had obviously met a wild male rat on her travels, resulting in these two boys and their sister!

The boys have been handled from an early age, but still do retain wild behaviours. They spend most of their time snuggled up, hiding out of view together, but are ok with being picked up from within their cage. They love to burrow, climb, and generally ping around at high speed.

We are looking for a very experienced rat adopter for these boys who is confident with nervous rats. They will benefit from a naturalistic setup with opportunity to burrow, and any free-roaming space must be extremely secure and ideally give the boys direct access to return to their cage as they wish.

Hugh & Ainsley will need to join other male rats for additional company. Both boys have received a course of antibiotics and anti-parasitic treatment in case anything was passed on from their wildie dad.

Minimum housing requirements: 3-4 rats = 100cm w x 54cm depth (or 5400cm square footprint) x 64cm height (i.e. Coco Large, Mamble 100)

5+ rats = 100cm w x 54cm depth (or 5400cm square footprint) x 120cm height (Liberta Explorer, Savic Royal Suite 95, Little Zoo Venturer etc)

Adoption fee: Minimum £25 donation for the pair