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Horus, Hapi & Aton

Name: Horus, Hapi & Aton
Species: Egyptian spiny mice
Sex: Neutered male
Age: Unknown, guesstimate 1 year
Status: Available for adoption

Horus, Hapi & Aton are a trio of spiny mice who came into our care after being dumped along with 7 other males who were all fighting and causing each other injuries.

The boys have been neutered to reduce their levels of hormonal aggression and are now settled in a trio. Horus lost the tip of his tail due to injuries sustained from other mice, but this doesn’t affect him in any way.

Spiny mice are quite wild, much different to domestic fancy mice, and can give quite a hard bite should they feel the need. They are not suitable for handling by children. Having said that, this trio are ok with calm handling – they’re fine with being scooped up and will sit on a hand for a bit, but don’t like to be grabbed or held in a closed hand.

They are looking for an experienced rodent carer who will respect their wild natures and provide them with an environment where they can carry out all of their innate natural behaviours including foraging, climbing, chewing and burrowing!

Minimum housing requirement: 100x50cm with a 28cm wheel and plenty of enrichment

Adoption fee: Minimum £50 donation for the trio (each mouse cost us ~£100 to neuter)