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Haggis & Neeps

Name: Haggis & Neeps
Species: Guinea pigs
Sex: Male (neutered)
Age: Haggis (long hair), approx DOB Nov 2021. Neeps (Rex) approx DOB Jan 2023.
Status: Available for adoption
Arrived: 11/05/23
Health: Haggis required a dental on arrival due to previous incorrect diet, now eats loads of hay! Haggis also experienced weight loss due to an underlying infection, he responded well to a course of antibiotics and his weight has been stable since. Neeps has had no issues!

Haggis & Neeps came into our care after being signed over to our vets when their previous owner couldn’t afford the dental Haggis required, due to having been fed an inappropriate diet. Haggis’s dental went well and he now enthustiastically eats a hay-based diet.

They are both quite nervous, with Neeps (rex) being the most skittish. Like most pigs, neither enjoys being picked up and will be quite dramatic about this! They are huge foodies though, wheek loudly at feeding time and will take food from hands. They are looking for an adopter who will be understanding of their personalities and behaviours as prey animals.

Minimum housing requirement: 20 sq ft (equivalent to a 4 grid x 4 grid C&C)