Guinea Pigs

Ghost & Nym

Name: Ghost & Nym
Species: Guinea Pigs
Sex: Male
Age: Ghost – approx 4 years, Nym – approx 4.5 years

Ghost & Nym are a lovely pair of boys who were adopted last year but unfortunately had to be returned to us due to a change in circumstances. They are hoping to find their forever home this time!

Nym has a long-term issue with a runny/crusty right eye, which has been checked by an exotics vet and doesn’t require any treatment other than giving it a little wipe clean. He also has age related cataracts, but these don’t seem to cause him any issues and he potters around just fine.

Both pigs are, unsurprisingly, very food orientated and not fans of being picked up and will run away from approaching hands, but settle well for a cuddle once caught.

Housing requirements: The boys are looking for an indoor enclosure, with at least 20sq ft of space.