Female Mice

Species: Fancy mice
Sex: Female
Age: Eudora & Ivy – Unknown, young adult
Saskia, Flurry, Sylvia & Lil – Born approx 08/09/21
Mabel, Danger Mouse, Pixie & Opal – Born 29/09/21
Status: Lil & Mabel – now rehomed
Remaining mice – RESERVED

Ivy and Eudora came into our care with baby mice in tow. Ivy was already pregnant again as males had been present until just after she gave birth the first time, and gave birth to another litter on 29th September.

These girls will all be ready for adoption from 10th November. They can be adopted as one group, or can be split into smaller groups (minimum of trios).

Housing requirements: Minimum 80x50cm of floor space for a trio, 100x50cm for larger groups.