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Visit our adoption pages for details of all animals we currently have looking for homes. Carefully read through the adoption requirements for the animal you are interested in, and our care advice pages for the species.

If you can meet the requirements for the animal you are interested in, click on the “apply to adopt” button on the species adoption page. Proof of a setup meeting the requirements of the animal is required with your application. An adoption fee of a minimum donation applies to all adoptions.

Please note we only consider adoption applications when we have animals available for adoption. If you’re looking for an animal we don’t currently have available for adoption, please join our adoption mailing list to receive emails whenever we have anyone looking for a home.

If you are enquiring about surrendering a rabbit, please read our “I need to rehome my rabbit” post before proceeding further.

The demand for our rescue space is very high, and as such we are usually operating a waiting list for surrenders. Should you wish for your animal(s) to be added to our rehoming waiting list, please fill out our rehoming request form. We’ll then contact you as soon as we are able to offer space.



Please note that during the winter months (Nov – March) we are only able to offer rescue space to outdoor rabbits.



Links to other rescues in the North West:



Society for Abandoned Animals (rabbits only)
RSPCA Altrincham & Cheshire Branch
Bacchus Residents Rescue
Happy Hamsters UK
Rabbit Rescue North West

Where animals are being adopted from us to join the adopter’s existing animals, we offer a bonding service whereby we supervise introductions at the rescue to ensure a suitable match before the animals go home together.



Unfortunately we don’t currently have the capacity to offer an external bonding service. We would recommend enquiring with our friends at Bacchus Residents Rescue in Cheshire, who may be able to help.

Yes! Please join our adoption mailing list to receive emails whenever we have animals looking for forever homes.

We use Ashleigh Veterinary Centre in Chorlton or Rutland House in St Helens.

Unfortunately not – all animals we take in need to stay with us for a minimum period so we can monitor for any health issues and get to know their personality and the type of home they would suit best.

The rescue is run from our home and unfortunately we are not insured for volunteers.

We are always in need of people to fundraise for us, so why not think of something you could do to raise much needed funds?




Thank you very much for thinking of us, however we are stacked full of spare cages and accessories! If you are getting rid of cages/set-ups that meet minimum housing size standards, why not consider selling them and donating the funds to us or another rescue?


The rescue is run from our home alongside our full-time day jobs, and as such we do not allow visits, aside from pre-arranged adoption/surrender appointments.