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Daphne & Celeste

Name: Daphne (ginger & white) & Celeste (Grey_
Species: Gerbils
Sex: Female
Age: Guesstimate 1 year
Status: Available for adoption

Daphne & Celeste are a very busy and energetic pair of gerbils who love digging and chewing! They’re not keen on being handled currently, but aren’t shy and are easy to catch in a tube when we need to get them out of their tank. They are gorgeous and super fun to watch!

They’re looking for a large tank/tank style setup where they can burrow, chew and zoom about.

Minimum housing requirements: Tank of at least 100cm l x 50cm w x 40cm h with plenty of deep substrate for digging in and lots of enrichment.

Adoption fee: Minimum £25 donation for the pair