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Danny Ditalini & Ronnie Rotini

Name: Danny Ditalini & Ronnie Rotini
Species: Mice
Sex: Male (neutered)
Age: Guesstimate born Aug 2023
Status: Available for adoption

This pair of boys came into our care as part of a large case of mice from one household. We unfortunately don’t have a lot of background info on them but have guesstimated they were born around August 2023.

The boys get along really well together, and should remain happy together now they have been neutered.

Neutering male mice allows them to live socially with other neutered males, or with females, as it reduces hormornal/territorial behaviour and of course makes them infertile. It also makes boys much less stinky – no worse than females!

We would like the boys to join at least one other mouse for additional company. We can help with intros/bonding if needed!

Minimum housing requirement: 80x50cm for a trio, 100x50cm for larger groups.

Adoption fee: Each mouse cost our charity approx £120 to neuter (£240 total!). We therefore ask for a minimum adoption donation of £40 for the pair – passing on a saving of £200 to the adopter!