Cherry, Maple, Flora, Fauna, Maleficent & Merryweather

Name: Cherry, Maple, Flora, Fauna, Maleficent & Merryweather
Species: Multimammates
Sex: Female
Age: Cherry – approx 9 months, Maple – approx 6 months, Flora/Fauna/Maleficent/Merryweather – approx 1 year
Status: Available for adoption

These 6 ladies are typical super speedy multimammates who don’t really enjoy being handled and can give a good nip if they feel the need to. Flora, Fauna, Maleficient & Merryweather are the most confident of the bunch and will sometimes allow us to pick them up and have a little stroke.

They are, however, very smart and agile and really fun to watch.

The girls will need a confident rodent carer who understands and respects that they are much wilder than fancy mice and not easy to handle. They can be adopted as a group of 6, or in trios, and could join a single male fancy mouse for company (they cannot interbreed).

Minimum housing requirement: 100x50cm with a 28cm wheel.

*PLEASE NOTE we are currently only able to consider homes within 1 hour’s drive of our location in Sale, M33, due to lockdown restrictions*