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Name: Betty
Species: Chinchilla
Sex: Female
Age: Approx 7 years
Status: Available for adoption to join at least 1 other chinchilla

Betty arrived into our care with a badly broken hind leg which had healed at an angle underneath her body. Our lovely vets amputated the broken leg and she has healed up great.

She is now looking for a very special home where she can live in a large, one-level enclosure with at least 6x2ft of space on one level. Due to only having 3 legs, we don’t feel a tall cage would be safe for Betty. She will need either DIY enclosure or 2 single level critter nations/little zoo venturers (or other same size cage) attached side by side – example below (the example is set up for rats internally)

Betty needs a home where she can live with at least one other chinny friend – we’re happy to help with bonding where the adopter’s chinny stays with us or we can provide support for adopters bonding at home.