Rats, Chinchillas & Degus

Below are the rats, chinchillas and degus currently in our care. Please contact us at tinypawsmcr@gmail.com if you are interested in adopting.

Echo & Delta – Reserved

Echo (lighter) & Delta (darker) will be available to adopt from 18th May, but can be reserved now. They came to us from a home where they hadn’t even been given names, so will be looking for a forever home where they will receive the love and respect they deserve. We have no information on their ages, however we suspect they are around 6 months old. Both have been checked over by our exotics specialist vet.

Both girls are handleable, however Delta is a little more skittish than Echo. This should hopefully improve over time with kind and patient human interaction. The minimum cage size for these cuties will be 70w x 48d x 78cmh. For examples of suitable ratty housing please see our rat housing advice page.

Echo & Delta’s adoption fee will be a minimum £20 donation, which will help us to continue helping more animals in need.

Gus – Under assessment

Gus is an approx 3 year old male chinchilla. He is currently under vet treatment and is awaiting x rays to confirm the cause of his runny eyes. He is likely to have ongoing medical needs so will remain under assessment until we have the full picture and can decide on the best plan for him.