Rats, Chinchillas & Degus

Below are the rats, chinchillas and degus currently in our care.

Name: Sam, Aurora & Evelyn
Species: Fancy rats
Age: Approx 1 yr
Status: Under Assessment

Sam, Aurora & Evelyn arrived in our care in January through no fault of their own or their previous human. They were very much loved but personal circumstances meant they needed to find a new home.

Sam & Aurora are currently a bit sneezy so are being treated for URIs and so the trio won’t be rehomed until they are fully recovered.

Aurora & Evelyn are the more confident of the group, while Sam is a bit more nervous and does currently test nip hands whilst in the cage. It is likely they will need an adopter who has cared for rats before.

Jay & Bob – Permanent Sanctuary Residents

When Jay & Bob arrived in our care it was immediately obvious they were suffering from respiratory issues. X-rays have now confirmed they both have respiratory scarring and lung-heart adhesions. In addition, Bob also has an enlarged heart secondary to his respiratory issues. The scarring and adhesions are as a result of previous respiratory infections, which we suspect they had been left with for a significant period of time and received no treatment.

As a result, both boys require twice daily medication and nebulisation for the rest of their lives. This means they aren’t suitable for adoption and will now stay with us as permanent sanctuary residents to ensure they receive the level of medical care required to give them a decent quality of life.

To help fund Jay & Bob’s ongoing care, you can sponsor these lovely rattos for £24 (or £2 a month). You will receive a sponsor pack including certificate, sticker, badge, and print of the rats, plus a personalised thank you message, and regular updates from the boys, who would be so grateful for your support!