Cherry, Maple, Flora, Fauna, Maleficent & Merryweather

Name: Cherry, Maple, Flora, Fauna, Maleficent & Merryweather
Species: Multimammates
Sex: Female
Age: Cherry – approx 9 months, Maple – approx 6 months, Flora/Fauna/Maleficent/Merryweather – approx 1 year
Status: Available for adoption

These 6 ladies are typical super speedy multimammates who don’t really enjoy being handled and can give a good nip if they feel the need to. Flora, Fauna, Maleficient & Merryweather are the most confident of the bunch and will sometimes allow us to pick them up and have a little stroke.

They are, however, very smart and agile and really fun to watch.

The girls will need a confident rodent carer who understands and respects that they are much wilder than fancy mice and not easy to handle. They can be adopted as a group of 6, or in trios, and could join a single male fancy mouse for company (they cannot interbreed).

Minimum housing requirement: 100x50cm with a 28cm wheel.

*PLEASE NOTE we are currently only able to consider homes within 1 hour’s drive of our location in Sale, M33, due to lockdown restrictions*



Name: Pumpkin
Species: Chinchilla
Sex: Female
Age: Unknown but guesstimate >3 years

Sassy little lady Pumpkin is looking for a home with a friend to bond with again!

Sadly she did not want to get along with the lovely neutered male she went to bond with a few months ago, and we haven’t been able to bond her with the other female chin we have here, Pie, either, but we are hopeful the right friend is out there for her somewhere and won’t give up on her finding company just yet!

If you have a female or neutered male chinny looking for a friend, are within 1 hour’s drive of our location in Sale, M33 postcode and have a chin setup that meets our minimum requirement of 90x60x123 (liberta explorer size) we would love to hear from you!