Guinea Pigs


Name: Zebedee
Species: Guinea Pig
Sex: Male (neutered)
Age: Unknown, guesstimate 18 months
Status: Available for bonding from 27th Sept

Zebedee came into our care from a large scale hoarding/backyard breeder situation. He is quite timid and doesn’t like being handled, but has started getting into a routine and now wheeks for his food at breakfast and tea time!

We had Zebedee castrated on 16th August, so he is now ready to bond with one or more sows. Intros can be carried out by us here at the rescue.

Housing requirements: Zebedee can live indoors or outdoors (providing the enclosure is entirely predator proof and provides adequate protection from the extremes of weather). For a pair of guinea pigs, we require a minimum of 20 sq ft of space on one level, more for larger groups.Apply to Adopt