Name: Ruben
Species: Rabbit
Breed: Netherland dwarf
Sex: Male
Age: Guesstimate 18 months

Ruben is a typical speedy nethie who is not that keen on interacting humans but is very confident in exploring his enclosure and making full use of the space/enrichment he is provided with.

Ruben has been fully vaccinated against myxomatosis, RVHD1 and RHVD2, microchipped and neutered (02/02/21). He will be ready to bond with a fully vaccinated and neutered female bun from 16/03/21. We provide a full bonding service at our home-based rescue where the adopters existing rabbit comes to stay with us so we can supervise the bonding process. Adopters will need to live within 1 hours drive of our location in Sale (M33 postcode).

Ruben did have a couple of small molar spurs, which is sadly very common for nethies, which were burred down while he was under anaesthetic for his neuter. He does enjoy hay, so hopefully on a hay-based diet his dental health will now be much better.

Housing requirements: Permanent 24/7 access to a minimum 60sq ft space for a pair of buns. Ruben is used to living outdoors, but can live indoors or outdoors in his new home. Please check our housing advice pages prior to applying to ensure you can meet our requirements: https://www.tinypawsmcr.org.uk/advice/rabbits/