Primrose, Bluebell, Foxglove & Sorrel

Name: Primrose, Bluebell, Foxglove & Sorrel
Species: Fancy mice
Sex: Female
Age: Born December 2020.
Status: Available for Adoption from 15th April

Primorse, Bluebell, Foxglove and Sorrel are a lovely group of young female mice who came into our care due to their previous human’s ill health.

They are all quite fast (Primrose and Foxglove in particular are the most skittish), but are fine once in your hand! Bluebell (2nd from right in group photo) is rather chunky and could do with losing some weight, although this may be down to genetics rather than diet!

The girls are currently under their 2 week assessment period where we monitor for any health issues, but all being well will be ready to join their new home from 15th April and we are happy to take adoption applications for them now.

Housing requirements: Minimum 80x50cm with plenty of enrichment, hideys, climbing ropes, and a min 20cm wheel.

Please read our mouse housing and care advice prior to applying to adopt!