Name: Pinto
Species: Roborovski dwarf hamster
Sex: Male
Age: Approx 3 Months
Status: Available for adoption from 29th May

Pinto came to us to find a new home as his human’s landlord wouldn’t allow animals. He has been enjoying a significant enclosure upgrade since arriving with us and particularly loves his multichamber hide.

Like most robos, Pinto is a speedy guy and isn’t suitable for handling by children. He is a lot of fun to watch zooming around his setup. He may be small but he certainly uses all the space!

Minimum housing requirements: Pinto is currently housed in a 100x50cm setup so will need to be rehomed to this size enclosure as a minimum. He will also need a multichamber hide, 20cm wheel, large sand area and plenty of deep substrate for burrowing in.