Patrick & Chewie

Name: Patrick & Chewie
Species: Degu
Sex: Male
Age: Approx 5 yrs
Status: Available for adoption

Patrick & Chewie arrived into our care separately, and as they both needed company we introduced them and they bonded together succesfully.

They are both super active, vocal and inquisitive chaps who are straight up to the cage door at feeding time and always ready for a snack! Neither are particularly keen on being handled, like most goos, but enjoy using humans as a launch pad during out of cage play time.

Patrick had his tail amputated some years ago after a fight with his previous companion in his previous home, but his lack of tail doesn’t affect him and he gets around fine. Both Patrick and Chewie love their hay, forage, and a small amount of Rosewood Meadow Menu pellets daily.

Minimum housing requirement: 100cm w x 54cm depth (or 5400cm square footprint) x 120cm height (Liberta Explorer, Savic Royal Suite 95, Little Zoo Venturer etc)