Guinea Pigs


Name: Marshmallow
Species: Guinea pig
Sex: Male
Age: 2.5 years
Status: Available for adoption from 19th July

Marshmallow arrived in our care with his brother Biscuit, however they weren’t getting on very well so unfortunately had to be separated.

Marshmallow was neutered on 7th June, so will be safe to meet females from 19th July. He is looking for a home where he can join at least one female guinea pig.

We are happy to carry out bonding for adopters or can provide advice and support for those wishing to bond at home.

Like many guinea pigs, Marshmallow isn’t very keen on being picked up and but is an inquisitive little guy so should gain confidence in his new home fairly quickly.

Minimum housing requirement: 20 square feet (equivalent to an 8×2 grid or 4×4 grid c&c enclosure)