Larissa, Europa & Titania

Name: Larissa, Europa & Titantia
Species: Fancy mice
Sex: Female
Age: Approx 1 yr

Larissa, Europa & Titania came to us in May from a multi mouse household where breeding had got out of control. Luckily none of these girls had any more babies, but Europa and Larissa did need treating for respiratory infections, which took Europa a little while to get over. We’re pleased that she is now much better and the trio can now find their forever home together!

Larissa is the happiest with being picked up, but all are good to handle once you have hold of them. They love their wheels, climbing on ropes and building big nests!

Housing requirements: The girls are currently living in a 100x50cm Barney cage, so ideally we would like to rehome them to a set-up of this size. The absolute minimum we will accept is 80x50cm. They will need to be kept on dust-free paper or cardboard based bedding to prevent respiratory irritation.

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