Dwarf Hamsters

Name: Saturn, Mars, Earth, Pluto.
Species: Hybrid Russian dwarf hamsters
Sex: Saturn & Earth – Female, Mars & Pluto – Male
Age: Born 20th July 2021
Status: Pluto – RESERVED
Saturn, Earth & Mars – Available for adoption (separately) from 20th September

These adorable dwarf hammies were born in rescue at Burrowed Hearts Animal Rescue after they had a large intake of hamsters, one of whom gave birth to these guys!

As they are young, all will require taming, so adopters must be patient and understanding of hamster behaviour. They are gorgeous little beans who love living a natural hamster life – burrowing in deep substrate and popping out to forage for food after humans have gone to bed! They are not cuddly children’s “pets”.

Housing requirements: A minimum enclosure size of 80x50cm (floor space on one level), 20cm wheel, plenty of enrichment and deep substrate for burrowing in.