Name: Conker
Breed: Mini Rex
Sex: Male (neutered)
Age: Approx 9 months

Conker is a stunning young adult rabbit who came into our care from less than ideal conditions and is enjoying now having space to stretch his legs. He has been neutered and fully vaccinated and will be ready to bond from 31st August.

Conker did have some minor dental spurs on arrival due to a lack of hay in his diet, but these weren’t significant enough to require burring and should resolve themselves now he is on a majority hay-based diet. His teeth will be re-checked by an exotics vet prior to bonding/adoption.

Conker is looking for a home with a neutered & vaccinated bunny friend. We provide a bonding service (at no extra charge) whereby the adopter’s rabbit comes to stay with us, usually for a couple of weeks, while we supervise the bonding process. Full rescue back up and ongoing support is also provided following bonding.

Minimum housing requirements: 24/7 permanent access to a 2mx3m (60 sq ft) predator and bunny proof enclosure.