Chestnut & Willow

Name: Chestnut & Willow
Species: Rabbit
Breed: Chestnut – lionhead cross; Willow – medium lop
Sex: Chestnut – male (neutered); Willow – female (neutered)
Age: Chestnut – 3.5yrs; Willow – 4 yrs
Status: Available for Adoption

Chestnut and Willow are a sweet, chilled out bonded pair looking for their forever home together. They came into our care quite overweight due to a poor diet and inadequate housing, but are now looking and feeling much better after a few months on a majority hay-based diet.

Chestnut is good to handle, while Willow prefers to keep all paws on the ground and is much happier being allowed to investigate humans on her own terms.

Housing requirements: Permanent 24/7 access to a minimum of 60 sq ft of bunny and predator proof space. Chestnut & Willow can live indoors or outdoors.