Cherry & Maple

Name: Cherry & Maple
Species: Multimammates
Sex: Female
Age: Approx 6 months (Cherry) and 3 months (Maple)
Status: Available for adoption

Cherry & Maple arrived in our care still living with the males from Cherry’s litter, so they were both placed on pregnancy watch which they have now successfully completed with no further additions!

Like most multimammates, the girls are very speedy, not easy to handle and can give a good nip if they aren’t in the mood to be touched.

As multimammates and fancy mice cannot interbreed, these two girls could be introduced to a single male mouse needing company.

Cherry & Maple will need an adopter with rodent experience who doesn’t mind not being able to handle them.

Minimum set-up requirements: 80x50cm with a 28cm wheel.

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