Male Syrians

Species: Syrian hamster
Sex: Male
Age: Born approx 21st October
Status: Bhuna – RESERVED.

Madras – Available for adoption

These lovely boys were surrendered to us with their mother and sister, having been born after their previous human took both mum and dad in from a facebook ad. Unfortunately the boys weren’t separated from the females at the appropriate time, so both their sister and mum are currently on pregnancy watch, however the boys will, all being well, be good to leave for their new homes once they have passed their minimum monitoring period with us (and have grown up a bit more!).

They are all quite tame and ok with calm handling, but potential adopters are reminded that hamsters are prey animals and as such may not always appreciate being picked up and cuddled, and generally don’t make good “pets” for children.

Housing requirements: 100x50cm minimum on one level, plenty of safe substrate for burrowing in, a 28cm or larger wheel and ideally a multichamber hide.