Bluebell & Teasel

Name: Bluebell & Teasel
Breed: Mini Lop
Sex: Bluebell – Female. Teasel – Male (both neutered)
Age: Bluebell born Oct 2021. Teasel born February 2022.
Status: Available for adoption

Bluebell and Teasel came into our care when Teasel was only a few days old, along with another 2 babies. Bluebell had been impregnated by her brother as her previous humans were sold mis-sexed rabbits.

Very sadly, Teasel’s siblings passed away suddenly (post mortem tests confirmed this was not VHD). Teasel had issues with minor nasal and eye discharge, so had a couple of courses of antibiotics which didn’t make much difference, followed by x-rays which showed no issues and a nasal swab which was negative for any nasty bacteria. As such he doesn’t require any treatment, but may just have the occassional slightly damp nose.

Bluebell is a typical rabbit in that she is not keen on being handled, while Teasel is much more confident with people. They are looking for a home together as a pair. Both buns are neutered and fully vaccinated.

Minimum housing requirements: 24/7 permanent access to a 2mx3m (60 sq ft) predator and bunny proof enclosure. Bluebell & Teasel are currently living outdoors, and as Bluebell is a little nervous of people we feel they would be best suited to outdoor living.