Rabbits need as much space as possible so that they can carry out all their natural behaviours and live a long, healthy, happy life. At a minimum, a pair of rabbits need permanent access to 60 square feet of living space, so a traditional hutch alone is not suitable.

Outdoor Rabbits

For outdoor rabbits, we recommend a shed and run/aviary set up which should be predator-proof so that your buns can safely enjoy their outside space 24 hours a day. All wire mesh must be galvanised and at least 16 Gauge (16G) to be considered fox-proof. Runs/aviaries that the buns have permanent access to as part of their main set-up must either be on slabs or have wire mesh dug under the grass to prevent predators digging in or buns burrowing out! Runs must be at least 3ft in height to allow for binkying and periscoping.

Our resident bunnies live in a 6×6 shed with adjoining 6×4 aviary that they can access 24/7 via a cat flap. Sheds can also be insulated to help your bunnies keep warm in winter, and cool in summer.

A hutch is only ever suitable if it is used as a shelter as part of a larger set-up, and is never closed. For example, a 6x2x2 hutch attached to an 8 foot long x 6 foot wide x 3 foot high run, or inside a 10×6 aviary. A huge advantage to us humans of walk-in height bunny accommodation (aviaries and sheds) is that it is so much easier to spend time bonding with your rabbits, and makes cleaning out time less back-breaking too!

For more outdoor rabbit set-up ideas, and predator-proofing tips, please visit the Rabbit Welfare Association’s housing pages: https://rabbitwelfare.co.uk/rabbit-housing/outdoor-rabbit-housing

Outdoor housing checklist

  • 60 square feet total space minimum (on one level – additional platforms do not count towards this)
  • Galvanised 16G (or stronger) mesh with 25mm holes, or smaller if weasels/stoats are a concern
  • Run/aviary is situated on slabs/concrete or wire mesh buried under grass to prevent predators digging in/buns burrowing out
  • Sheltered area is at least 6ft x 2ft x 2ft
  • Run height is at least 3ft
  • Rabbits have 24 hr access to the entire 60sq ft of space

Housing suppliers
Manor Pet Housing
Happy Habitats Pet Housing
RunAbout Runs

Indoor Rabbits

Rabbits can live happily indoors as long as you are able to provide a large (remember the 60sq ft rule!) bunny-proof living space. Many humans allow their bunnies to free-roam their house, however please be aware that they may well chew wires, wallpaper, skirting boards, carpets, and other valuable human goods, so you’ll need to be prepared to bunny-proof everywhere if you choose this option.

As an alternative to free-roaming, designating a spare room as the “bunny room” is an excellent option and you can always allow them supervised free roaming time to expand their space. Alternatively, puppy playpens can be used to create a safe area of a large room for your bunnies – just make sure the pen sides are high enough so your buns can’t jump out.

For more indoor rabbit set-up ideas, please check out the Rabbit Welfare Association’s housing pages: https://rabbitwelfare.co.uk/rabbit-housing/indoor-rabbit-housing

We recommend any of the below brands of pellets for bunnies. Muesli type foods should not be fed as they are high in sugars and encourage selective feeding.

Unlimited hay should be available at all times. We buy meadow hay in bales from a horse feed shop (we also recommend trying farm shops) as well as bales of timothy hay from timothyhay.co.uk

Other good places to buy nice hay, forage and treats:
The Hay Experts
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Some of our favourite hay, forage & treats:

Ideas to keep your bunnies entertained!