Our recommended minimum cage size for up to a quad of mice is 80x50cm of unbroken floor space. Larger groups will require more space. Below is a selection of cages which meet or exceed these requirements. Some will need additional mesh adding if the bar spacing is wide or if you are housing young mice. Where possible you should always seek to exceed the minimum size recommendations!

Sawdust and woodshavings (unless the shavings are aspen-based) are not recommended as these can cause respiratory issues. Paper, cardboard, or hemp based bedding are suitable alternatives.

Most mice will enjoy a wheel to run in, and we advise that you include one in their set-up. You should ensure it is large enough so that the animal does not have to arch their back when running in it:
Mice – minimum wheel diameter 20cm

Our mice are fed on a mix from ratrations.com and crushed up Science Selective Mouse pellets alongside small amounts of safe veg, fruit and occasional mealworms etc.

Treats and chews can help with bonding and enrichment, but should only be fed occasionally. Here are some of our favourites:

Here are some photos of some of our own and our adopters’ set-ups to give you some inspiration! Also check out our pinterest board below for more ideas.

A great video by Emiology on setting up a mouse enclosure!

Note that some of these cages may come with wheels that are too small and will need replacing.