Rats, Chinchillas & Degus


Rats need plenty of space to explore and climb. They also need daily out-of-cage playtime, so please only take on rats if you can commit to meeting their needs. Below are a selection of cages suitable for various different group sizes. If you can go bigger, that is always better!


Our favourite cage for chinchillas is the Liberta Explorer 2nd edition, which is entirely metal so you don’t need to worry about chins chewing shelves and ingesting plastic! The Savic Royal Suite 95 and Critter Nation Double are also a good size for chins, but the plastic shelves will need to be covered with fleece (or replaced with metal/wooden shelves) and regularly checked for any signs of chewing.

Chinchillas also need daily out of cage playtime, as they love to bounce around, jump off walls, and use you as a climbing frame! They live up to 15-20 years so this is a big commitment. Please ensure you have the time to provide chins with the care they need before taking any on.