Rats, Chinchillas & Degus

Below are the rats, chinchillas and degus currently in our care.

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  • Kiwi, Becki & Jo

    Name: Kiwi (top left), Becki (bottom left) & Jo (top right)
    Species: Fancy rat
    Sex: Female
    Age: Approx 1 year
    Status: Available for Adoption

    Becki & Jo arrived to us from a large hoarding case where over 80 rats were rescued from one household. They were treated for respiratory infections on arrival and responded well, but are still occasionally sneezy due to suspected respiratory scarring from previous untreated infection. They don’t currently require any treatment, but like most rats, may be prone to respiratory infections in the future.

    Kiwi arrived on her own as she had sadly lost her friend, so we later introduced her to Becki and Jo. Kiwi is the most confident of the bunch and enjoys human attention. Becki and Jo currently see humans merely as food deliverers, but have definitely improved since joining us in February.

    Becki had a small, less than pea-sized, mammary tumour removed a month ago and has healed up brilliantly. Kiwi was spayed recently as she was starting to become a bit of a pest with the other girls. She has healed well and is already much calmer!

    Minimum housing requirements:
    3-4 rats = 100cm w x 54cm depth (or 5400cm square footprint) x 64cm height (i.e. Coco Large, Mamble 100)
    5 – 10 rats = 100cm w x 54cm depth (or 5400cm square footprint) x 120cm height (Liberta Explorer, Savic Royal Suite 95, Little Zoo Venturer etc)
    10+ rats = Savic Royal Suite XL or something custom made bigger than a Liberta Explorer!