Rats, Chinchillas & Degus

Below are the rats, chinchillas and degus currently in our care. Please contact us at tinypawsmcr@gmail.com if you are interested in adopting.

Willow & Jasmine – Available for adoption

Willow & Jasmine are an approx 4 month old pair of female ratties. Willow is the more confident of the two, but both are fine to handle and are very polite when taking food from your hand. As Jasmine is a little timid and startles easily, we feel they would benefit from a quieter home with adults/older children only.

Minimum cage size required for 2 rats – 78cm x 48cm x 70cm, with plenty of out of cage playtime.

Set-up check and adoption fee of a minimum £20 donation apply.

Please drop us an email if you are interested in giving these girls a loving forever home.