Rats, Chinchillas & Degus

Below are the rats, chinchillas and degus currently in our care.

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  • Badger, Patch, Sandy & Spud

    Name: Badger, Patch, Sandy & Spud
    Species: Fancy rats
    Sex: Male (not neutered)
    Age: Guesstimate 1 yr +
    Status: Available for Adoption!

    Badger, Patch, Sandy & Spud are ready to find their forever home together!

    They are of unknown age, but we suspect over 1 year, and are lovely cheeky boys who love their food! Badger, Patch & Sandy love human interaction whereas Spud is a bit more reserved, but they are all good to handle.

    All were treated for respiratory infections upon arrival, and are all now doing well. Spud had a small sebaceous cyst on his shoulder which has now almost healed up but could recur in the future, although this wouldn’t usually require any intervention unless it was to grow much larger and bother him.

    The 4 are really great friends so we won’t be separating them – they need a home together 🙂

    Housing requirements: We are ideally looking for these boys to be housed in a Liberter Explorer/Savic Royal Suite sized cage to provide them with a decent amount of both floor space and climbing space.